Personal Website

Built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. This version of aarondurant.com marks a significant step forward from the personal websites I made on WordPress over the last several years but never really updated.


Travel Mate

Incorporating three APIs to display information about restaurants, hotels, and attractions and show them on a map, this React web app became one of my most well-rounded projects to date.



I built this modern business website with React and styled-components. It may be just another brochure-like website, but this increased my confidence that I could make things like this for actual production.


Tech Commerce

After acquiring lots of Gatsby experience, I switched to Next.js to create this simple e-commerce website. Beyond "the React framework for production," I was pleased to use Sanity for content and Stripe for payments.



I wanted to add to my repertoire the skills necessary to create a corporate-themed admin panel. Creating this led to a dashboard, three pages sourcing dummy data, four mini apps, seven charts, and experience with Tailwind CSS, Syncfusion, and more.


ARMA Sport Concept

In putting my spin on the current website for nutritional supplement brand ARMA Sport, I fortified my knowledge of React and CSS, including Flexbox, Grid, the BEM methodology, media queries, and more.

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