80HD is my motocross vlog.

MotoOnline is regarded as one of the most influential media outlets in the dirt bike industry, and I'm proud to write for it.

Travel Mate, brand., Tech Commerce, Dashboard, and ARMA Sport Concept are a few websites I created while initially learning to code. The source code for those and more is on GitHub. I have some ideas for side projects that are much more substantial — we'll see what 2023 brings on that front.

I also sometimes write on this website.

Past Projects

I created an independent online publication about motorsports called The Apex with my friend Ben Hinc in 2015. He's continued, but I stepped away to focus on web development in 2020.

I made a sports dictionary in second grade, an animal magazine in third grade, a newspaper in fifth grade, a Twitter account and blog about IndyCar in eighth grade, and I started a band with my brother somewhere in there, too. Does any of that count?

Perhaps not, but I'll admit I was one of those weird kids into doing lots of extracurricular stuff growing up. I'll bet on young people like that 10 times out of 10; I would be very different now if I wasn't a curious kid.