Howdy! I'm Aaron Durant, a software developer in Michigan. This is my spot on the internet for sharing things I make and write.

In working on a motorsports journalism project simply for the love of it for five years, I developed a deep interest in the intersection of web design and content through attending three dozen motorsports events and publishing more than 1,000 articles.

Realizing I preferred improving the design of The Apex instead of writing for it, I knew I needed to make a change. So, after a year-long project-based online bootcamp and several months of additional self-directed learning, I started in my first role as a software developer in July 2022.

I enjoy playing golf, drumming, biking, weight training, snowboarding, and spending time with my girlfriend and family. I also really love motocross.


You can contact me via email at aaron at I'm also on:

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